Swing from the trees

Design & build a tree house for 3 children near Crediton, Devon. A really satisfying and rewarding tree house project to be involved in. The Oak Tree that was used was in the perfect location; surrounded by water that could only be accessed by swinging across the river to get to the access ladder. Once up the two step ladders and through the trapdoor, you arrived at the main platform, some 35 feet in amongst the canopy. If the fort was being 'invaded' you could jump on the zip-wire that crossed the river 3 times and dissected the river's trees before landing safely some 90 metres away in a field. At no point was the tree harmed in this process. We use only the least damaging methods to secure the tree house flooring. Once floor structure in place, the tree house uprights and roof is supported by the floor.

How much did this cost? ~£5,500 with materials salvaged from nearby barn.

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