Retirement Gift

As the title suggests, this project was financed by a husband as a gift retirement present for his wife; a keen gardener who wanted a low maintenance solution to allow time to enjoy her time away from work. You can see below, the "bomb site" state of what we were to transform.  We used an artificial grass by Grass Direct , not something we’d usually advocate, but in this instance the shady nook wouldn’t have been conducive for natural lawn growth.

This project was also of interest because the cul-de-sac was protected by a blanket conservation area as it dissected bats’ flight paths from where they roost in Chudleigh rocks down the their hunting grounds in the beautiful Teign Valley. 

Their budget of £5,000 also allowed for a random natural sandstone patio pack, a bespoke corner pergola with planter to allow creeper growth to provide the sun trap with some dappled light in the summer.

An espalier fruit tree training frame on the southern aspect and various planting beds softened the space.

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