It's all about you

A contemporary area centered around a potential water feature that provides a free-flowing form and charming aesthetic whilst maintaining functionality. The central water feature has been sunken so that when constructed the earth will help boost the right side of the garden so that a single top level can be achieved. Ideally, the water would cascade from two rills mounted on the back wall to give a great sound and effect that can be viewed from above.

The combination of central steps, two sets of cantilever steps and the decked bridge will create a journey through the area that can be admired from all angles.

This project showcased the majority of our skills and turned out to be a real corker. The skills ranged from turfing, block walling, patio laying, decking, fencing, balustrading, water features, sleeper retaining and rendering. This particular project was a great challenge logisitically and by design as the space had so much potential. 

How much did this cost? ~£16,000

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