What you need to know about our design services

Design is personal. A good landscape designer will be able, from a single site visit, to interpret the key requirements from the client, go away and add a personal touch to the landscape design. Knowing how to do this effectively takes time and experience. I spent my further education at Brunel University studying design and engineering, learning about detail, function and form. I returned after Uni, wanting to make a difference to the world as every (well nearly every) new graduate wants to. I set up a design consultancy that designed websites, graphics and products for a number of reputable businesses. However, Devon is not the greatest place in the world to set up a product design consultancy because, as I learned the hard way, the market is mostly city based. My choice was easy; transfer the skills to landscape design and build. I have been working for 20 years (in between studying) for tree surgeons and landscapers and therefore had an extensive knowledge of trees, plants and shrubs and landscape design & build processes. Coupling this with my 15 years design knowledge, the transition has been a satisfying fusion of theory and practice.

If you are unsure what you want from your garden, we always encourage a design to be present before work commences. It saves a lot of time expense in the long run. For more complex garden designs we charge out our services at £300/ day and a design will rarely take longer than 2 days to create. However if you know what you want to be built or you are on a very tight budget, we can accomodate & will visit the site and finalise a design on site. This can sometimes be a false economy though.

Full elevation CAD drawings can be produced on request when planning may be required.

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