Beech Treehouse

Beech Tree House was a tree house project for a 5 year old boy from Lustleigh, Devon. There were many elements to this project tht needed careful consideration.

For access into the main platform of the tree house we decided to use a neighbouring cherry tree as an adjoining platform and have a suspended walkway between the two. We used stainless steel wire as ballustrading to give the user a safe nervy feeling when crossing the bridge.

Once safely across there were two front and back balconies. The back balcony provided escape routes (a fireman's pole and a knotted rope.) Underneath the tree house was a fenced off play area where there was a rubber tyre swing and a style to swing off.
The interior was protected from the elements by a Douglas Fir 'waney' edge board and Cedar Shingle roof. There were also fold down beds (as space was quite tight within).

How much did this cost? ~£11,000

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