Decking & Lawn

Seriously Good Landscapes were this time, called out to this Christow, Devon landscaping project where the client had literally just moved into the house. The house had a great entrance garden but the back garden as you can see was a sight for sore eyes. 

The client, understandably after just buying the house did not want to spend out on a landscape designer and so we quickly sketched up a landscape concept on site to fathom the possibilities against the requirements. We sketched up a symmetrical octagonal landscape that amalgamated turf, decking and plant borders to create a solution where relaxation, function and form worked as a harmonious landscape design. The landscaping project was a real challenge as there was a lot of rubble to dispose of and also after 3 days the client was not sure about the appearance. This is a very common response we've experienced time and time again mid-way through a landscape project as it's when the garden looks its worst -neither here nor there! Fortunately we convinced the client to stay the course and with the help & persuasion from their builder cousin they thankfully saw the light. And what a corker it turned out to be! It all came together perfectly on the final day with the pergola suspended by wire to avoid uprights and the angles accentuating the views. Now we can't wait to see the Garden with the plants.

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